The NES Total WellNES system:

  • Scans your body-field in seconds by placing your hand on a small scanner

  • Identifies the imbalances in the flow of energy and information in your body

  • Returns a recommended protocol of NES miHealth settings and NES Infoceuticals to stimulate your body’s innate self-healing ability

  • Does not interfere with pharmaceuticals, herbs, or supplements you may be taking

  • Helps raise your health awareness and can be paired with a regular wellness program to enhance long-term well-being


  • New Client Session – Initial Consultation (75 minutes) $125

  • Follow-up Session – includes miHealth application (50 minutes) $90

  • Follow-up miHealth session (30 minutes) $60

  • NES Infoceuticals $27 each
    (Clients typically purchase 4-6 Infoceuticals to be taken daily until finished between scans.)

Remote Clients

  • Remote scan review over the phone or web conference to share screen, no miHealth

  • Remote Scanning Device (required for remote assessment) - $90

  • Remote Client Initial Consultation (60 minutes) - $125

  • Remote Follow-up Scan (45 minutes) - $75

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“Everything is energy” – Albert Einstein