75-minute Initial Consultation/Comprehensive Case Review

Our first session is a 75-minute one-on-one consultation that includes an extensive overview of your current and past medical history, dietary habits, family history, nutritional and health challenges, and your health goals.  Before we meet, I’ll send you my Client Intake Form, which you’ll fill out and return to me at least 2 days prior to your appointment.  This will allow me to thoroughly review your personal information, and prepare for our meeting, so we can make the most of our time together.

What to expect:

•     Extensive review of your health history, challenges and goals
•     Action plan for health improvements you can make right away
•     Recipe and meal ideas customized to your tastes and needs
•     Roadmap for next steps as we continue to work together
•     Professional quality supplement recommendations
•     Options for specialized lab testing to identify food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, digestive issues and more

Together, we will agree upon manageable, incremental steps you can follow and integrate as good habits until we meet again.  We will focus on just a few nutrition and lifestyle changes at a time so that you are not overwhelmed.  

My most successful clients are those who commit to multiple sessions. 
I recommend at least three to six sessions to incorporate all of the powerful diet and lifestyle tools you will learn. Recovering your health takes time, especially when addressing the underlying cause of imbalances.  Follow-up sessions help ensure you’re making progress, and changing diet habits methodically, effectively, and permanently.   In addition, many individuals need detoxification programs, elimination protocols, gut bacteria support, and/or a specific protocol for an ailment or condition. We will continue to refine your personalized nutrition program based on your symptoms and lab test results to keep you progressing toward your health goals.  

We can meet in person, via Zoom or by phone.

Jumpstart Package:

Comprehensive Case Review/Intake + 3 follow-up sessions (50 minutes) + customized protocol, handouts and unlimited email support

Renew Health Package:

Comprehensive Case Review/Intake + 6 follow-up sessions (50 minutes) + customized protocol, handouts and unlimited email support